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As a Partners in Care medical facility, Lower Umpqua Hospital District believes that the principles of human caring, when integrated with contemporary scientific medicine, can enhance the process of healing within the health care system.

Every patient is an individual with a unique set of human, as well as medical needs.  Key elements of Partners in Care include:

  • Promoting choice and personal control
  • Promoting access to information
  • Providing a supportive, humanistic environment that fosters compassion and comfort:  Home-like surroundings that nurture and heal
  • Promoting healing of the body and mind

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Compliance Hotline

541-271-2172 or Ext 5699 (internally)
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POLICY R 1810:

It is the Policy of Lower Umpqua Hospital to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.


Each patient admitted to the hospital or in the Emergency Room that needs assistance to effectively communicate with hospital staff, make health care decisions or engage in activities of daily living due to a disability, including but limited to a physical, intellectual, behavioral or cognitive impairment; deafness, being hard of hearing or other communication barrier; blindness; Autism; or Dementia has a right to the following:

• Not be discriminated against based on whether or not they have a POLST, advanced directive or advance care planning instrument. Treatment may not be conditioned on whether the patient has completed end-of-life care instructions.

• Designate three support persons, and have at least one support person to be present with the patient at all times in the Emergency Department, and during the patients stay at the hospital, if necessary to ensure effective communication and facilitate the patients care.

• Have one support person designated by the patient to be allowed to be present for any discussion in which the patient is asked to elect hospice care, to sign an advanced directive or other instrument allowing the withholding or withdrawing of life sustain procedure or artificially administered nutrition or hydration, unless the patient requests to have the discussion in the absence of the support person.



This practice does not discriminate against a patient because of race, color, sex, disability, religion, national origin sexual orientation, or inability to pay.

We serve all patients regardless of inability to pay.

Discounts at Viaqx for essential services are offered based on family size and income.

For more information, ask at the front desk or visit our website.

Thank you.


Esta práctica no discrimina a un paciente debido a raza, color, sexo, discapacidad, religión, orientación sexual de origen nacional o incapacidad de pago.

Servimos a todos los pacientes independientemente de la incapacidad de pagar. Descuentos para servicios esenciales se ofrecen basados en el tamaño de la familia y los ingresos. Para obtener más información, pregunte en la recepción o visite nuestro sitio Web.